Signs of Transmission Trouble

The transmission on your vehicle allows you to shift in and out of gear as your vehicle is propelled down the road. If the transmission experiences a problem, it will greatly affect your ability to drive your car. Watch for these signs of possible transmission difficulties, prepared for you by the Gates Hyundai service center in Richmond.

If you notice that your vehicle is having difficulty shifting in and out of gear, that is definitely a sign of transmission problems. If you hear a grinding noise when your vehicle is shifting, you should get your vehicle's transmission serviced right away. If you notice that your vehicle is not accelerating from a stop light as quickly as it once did, this might be due to a problem with the transmission.

If you suspect that your vehicle is experiencing a transmission problem, contact our Hyundai service team located in Richmond, Kentucky. The technicians in the service department can check your transmission for problems, and they will correct those problems as necessary.

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