Signs That A New Set Of Tires Is Needed

Tires that are made well have a long life, and it is easy to forget how long they have been in use. Things like blowouts and slow leaks are indicators that they need to be replaced. These signs however, can come too late for drivers in places like Richmond, KY. Other things can indicate that a set of tires have run their course.

One sign is a shallow tread depth. Every tire has rubber indicators in the tread grooves. If the surface of the rubber is almost even with these, they need to be replaced. Another sign is a bulged sidewall. With equal pressure in every tire, a bulge will be obvious. Finally, if you notice a severe jostling in your steering wheel while driving, this could mean a tire’s mesh is separating.

If it’s time to replace older tires, talk with a specialist at Gates Hyundai about a new high-performance set. If you use a different set for winter driving, it is good to have them checked as well. Good tires are safe, and they enhance the overall performance of your vehicle.

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