Learn to Safely Jump Start a Car for a Neighbor

Jump starting a car is a neighborly thing to do in Richmond, KY, but you must do it safely. Today's blog post from Gates Hyundai can help.

Park your car near the drained vehicle. Each car must be in Park or Neutral, and their handbrakes must be engaged. After turning off your car, connect your positive cable to the positive terminal on the other car's battery. Next, connect the positive cable to your car's positive terminal. While at your car, clamp your negative cable to your negative terminal.

You're about to complete an electrical circuit, so please avoid touching the last metal clamp to your clothes or skin. Connect it to a metal piece near the other car's engine that cannot move. Cautiously return to your car. Start and rev it. After a minute, try starting the other car. You might need multiple tries. After several failed attempts, assume that the other car requires something other than a jump start.

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