See the All New Hyundai Ioniq

Hybrid and electric vehicles are currently all the rage. A confluence of environmental awareness and gas prices have led these vehicles to be more popular than ever. Hyundai, the Korean automaker, has long been seen as an excellent value. However, they have lagged a bit in the popular perception of their stylishness and forward facing technology, like hybrids. These days, Hyundai is taking off with the release of the all new Ioniq. At Gates Hyundai, we have a wide range of selections for hybrids and the Hyundai Ioniq, one of the best selections in town.

Hybrid cars save money, full stop. The way the Ioniq works is that it uses battery power most of the time, while only using gas when absolutely necessary. That increases the effective range of the vehicle while at the same time saving you money on gas and other fossil fuel costs related to a standard gasoline engine.



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