If you're in the market for a dog-friendly vehicle, then let us help at Gates Hyundai in Richmond, KY. Look for the following features that can help keep your dog safe and comfortable when you're on the go.

Check the back seat belts to ensure they can keep your dog's harness securely in place. You should also consider the shape of the back seat when you're looking for a vehicle that will accommodate your pet's needs. Small dogs may ride well in sculpted, bucket-shaped back seats, and large dogs may be more comfortable stretching out on a benchseat. If you have an older dog, look for a vehicle with a low back seat height so that it's easier on their joints.

You can further enhance your pup's ride with a host of available comfort features. Heated seats are available with certain vehicles and give your dog soothing warmth when the weather's cold, and a climate control system with customizable settings for the back seat can also help you keep your dog comfortable.


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