Remember back in the day when a loud car sounded cool? Today, that same car cannot only get you a traffic citation but can also be a sign of a bad exhaust. When the exhaust gets bad, it’s usually leaking and can cause harmful emissions to get inside the vehicle. Come to Gates Hyundai and get some tips on exhaust tips and how to recognize problems.

Here are some signs that you may have a leaking exhaust.
• You might hear a Popping or hissing when the vehicle’s engine is running.
• If you notice a vibration when you touch the foot pedals, steering wheel or car seat, it could be a bad exhaust.
• Smaller leaks may go unnoticed but can lead to bigger leaks.
• You may notice a reduction in gas mileage if you have an exhaust leak.

Give us a call or stop at our shop in Richmond. We can inspect and fix your exhaust system as well as provide any number of other automotive services.


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