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With gas prices fluctuating like they always seem to do, more and more Richmond, KY drivers are looking for vehicles that get good gas mileage. 

Even drivers who don't appear to care about getting good gas mileage tend to be excited when they're vehicle gets gas mileage than predicted. At Gates Hyundai, we have a full selection of used vehicles that get 30 mpg or more.

Gates Hyundai DOES NOT include Hyundai Military program, College Graduate program, UBER Rebate, Hyundai Mobility Program, Hyundai Boost-Up program or disaster relief to arrive at our pricing.
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Good Gas Mileage in Many Options

Back in the day, if you wanted to own a vehicle that got good gas mileage, you were almost destined to buy a small four-cylinder vehicle. The downside was that the vehicle didn't seem to have the power to do many of the things you wanted to do. A lot has changed since then. Today, Lexington, KY drivers not only have many choices in vehicles, but they don't have to sacrifice power and performance for good gas mileage. As amazing as it may seem, you can now own a car, a sedan, an SUV, and even a truck and still expect gas mileage of at least 30 mpg.

Whether you're cruising down the highways of Nicholasville or just commuting to work and back, you can enjoy the same gas mileage and savings that you did in the past while driving a smaller vehicle. Stop at our lot in Richmond, KY and check out our inventory of vehicles getting 30 mpg or more. We offer a huge inventory of all sorts of vehicles and all sorts of makes and models. Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, and Hyundai are just a few of the various 30 mpg makes you might find for sale at our dealership in Richmond, KY, so stop in and test drive a few.

Why is Good Gas Mileage Important?

  • Although the most important reason why good gas mileage is important is that you'll save money, there are other reasons as well.
  • Good gas mileage can reduce dependence on oil, which can lower the price we have to pay for oil.
  • Good gas mileage increases and improves energy sustainability, which will make our oil consumption last longer or at least until a more sustainable and renewable energy source is available.
  • The more gas we use, the more it affects global climate change. Less gas means less carbon dioxide in the air to harm the environment.
  • The better gas mileage you get, the more money you'll save. The money you're saving on fuel can go for something else you want or need.

Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

  • When we buy a new vehicle, it always comes with a sticker that indicates the type of gas mileage that can be expected while driving that vehicle. Many drivers discover they're not getting what they expected in terms of fuel economy. This is not always the fault of the vehicle but more so on how the vehicle is driven and the condition of the vehicle. There are several ways Berea, KY drivers can improve gas mileage.
  • Stay within the speed limit whether you're cruising down the Winchester, KY highway or going around the block. The slower and safer you drive, the less gas you'll use.
  • Using the recommended fuel type for your vehicle can improve gas mileage.
  • Be mindful of how much weight your vehicle is designed to carry. Overloading the vehicle can use more fuel.
  • Monitor your tires to ensure they have the right air pressure. Over-inflated and under-inflated tires can cause a reduction in gas mileage.
  • Use the kind and weight of motor oil that is recommended by the manufacturer. This can usually be found in the owner's manual.
  • Avoid unnecessarily idling your vehicle, which can use up more gas.
  • Keep your vehicle in good condition by providing regular maintenance such as oil and oil changes, checking brake fluid, and inspecting air and fuel filters.
  • Your tires can play an important part in affecting fuel economy. The tires should be the same size, the size recommended for your vehicle, in good condition, and rotated regularly.

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